Truck Loan Application

Get the truck you want and the loan that you need at our quick complete application its secure and free and will only take 30 secound of your time, we will contact you as soon as possible with some answers, we have one of quickest turn around times in industry.


Loan Approval and Vehicle Selection

Congratulations, we’ve got you an approval! Now let’s get to the fun part: vehicle selection. We don’t just want to get you into a vehicle like the other guys, we promise to find you something that is safe, reliable, and suits your needs and your budget. That’s right, if you’re not satisfied with the vehicle than simply exchange it! We’re the only company in Ontario that offers this to our customers because we only sell great vehicles.


Vehicle Delivery

Delivery Province Wide! Yes, you read right, we will deliver your vehicle to most places in Ontario! Being an Ontario wide business may have you thinking, “how can they help me, I’m so far away.” Well with services such as this, its easy. Fast delivery cuts down the need for extra trips to see us and some customers never leave the comfort of their homes while dealing with us! From Windsor to Kingston, to Huntsville and beyond, Garston Motors is here for you!